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Welcome To KidsPlay GodsWay!

childrens bible day-camp vacation bible school vbsKidsPlay GodsWay is a youth ministry located in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. KidsPlay GodsWay is committed to teaching kids right from wrong, and also helping them to learn how to make good decisions, using the Bible as the standard.

Right now the goal of KidsPlay GodsWay is to raise money to hold a Bible Based Summer Day Camp this summer. The cost will be totally FREE for all kids involved. KidsPlay GodsWay will be a place where kids can learn the value of doing all things, God’s way. So whether it is praying or playing, the kids will be taught how to make good choices in life. Good choices that will help lead them to reach their God given potentials in life, instead of bad choices that will lead to a life full of regrets.

KidsPlay GodsWay Summer Day Camp will consist of: playing, praying, eating snacks and lunch, Bible story reading, computer learning, arts and crafts, sports and field trips. Possible field trips will be to places like: The Crayola Crayon Factory, Callies Candy Kitchen and Pretzel Factory, Camelbeach, and Bushkill Falls.

KidsPlay GodsWay is a registered 501c-3 tax exempt non-profit ministry.
All donations are tax deductible as stated under law.

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